Mobile app for more safety while horseriding

How does it work

Navigation when outdoors and in the forest:

Never get lost again: The App remembers the starting point of the ride and shows the current position to the rider. This provides easy orientation when he / she is looking for which direction to go. The GPS works best when you have the phone to your arm, or in a pocket on your upper body.


Look back routes and share:

The driven route are saved on the website, look back and share via social media with all your friends!


Alarm with GPS location:

The alarm allows the rider to send out the current location to the selected buddies in case of emergency. When the phone registers no movement a certain period (possibly rider is unconscious), an alarm will automatically be sent. The alarm can be send either manually or automatically. The App warns you with beeps before sending the alarm. By simply moving the phone the alarm is cancelled.



Sending an alarm is only possible if you have the paid version of the app. In the free version you can only receive alerts. All Buddies received the alarm! It is advisable to have more than one buddy because not everyone always hears his phone, don’t add a major group of people and prevent that all your friends, and worried and go looking for you.


Equestrian Routes:

Users of Safe Rider generate data of riding routes registered to Safe Rider. When enough data is collected the popular routes will be available with the app. This feature will be in use later on (free). Use of safe rider contributes to building a network where beautiful and safe routes are available digitally. Safe Rider is designed for horseback riding but can also be used for other sports and general safety.