Question and answer

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about the use of the Safe Rider App. If the answer to your question is not below, please contact us. Safe Rider is made with care and attention, if there is still something not working properly, help us and the other riders, let us know! We don't have influence to the quality of Mobile network, other apps that run simultaneously and type phone. You can test with Safe Rider Lite how the accuracy on your phone works. Using Safe Rider is at your own risk.

Please do report any problems so we can keep improving SafeRider.

How does the GPS function work?

The GPS function will not work equally wwell on every phone, this is because there are several different brands of GPS chips in phones. Safe Rider demands high performance on the GPS reception so finding an adequate overhang signal sometimes may take some time. By wearing your phone on your upper body, the GPS signal will be best. GPS signals should be available all over the world.

How to add Buddies?

Adding Buddy's only works if someone else also has the Safe Rider App. So you don't see all contacts in your list appear in Safe Rider at first. By using push notification instead of text messages we intend to keep sending alarms free of charge. CAUTION: when entering your phone number: the country code is required (+1 for USA for example).

How much data will the App consume?

Little, just storing and sharing your route data counts in your data usage. During the trip the alarm function is the only function that may consume data if the alarm is sent (this still is a very small amount of data).

How long will my battery last?

Average Safe Rider can run between 4 and 5 hours on your phone. Assuming a full battery at start, and type of phone.

How does the alarm work?

Alarms can't be sent in the lite version, this version is intended to try the app and for people who want to receive alerts but do not use the alarm. Because you need to have Safe Rider to receive an alarm the free version is available to everyone. The alarm will not work if you do not have internet / data usage on your phone. Remember to check your mobile 3G (or UMTS) network when riding alone, no mobile signal means no alarm can be sent.
Do you have problems with your alarm after upgrading the App, send us an email ( we'll fix your account within a few days.

Push notification

In some cases the iPhone installation gives an error message. In most cases this means that the phone can't send or receive push notifications. In the phone settings you can turn this feature on.

Login problems

Check your username or password. When you are sure that your name and password are correct, you can get a new password on the Safe Rider website, a new password will be sent to you by e-mail. If this does not work, please send an e-mail to

Warrenty and Liability

While the Safe Rider App and components are developed with care and aim to keep it up-to-date, we unfortunately can not guarantee this at any time. No rights can be derived. Using Safe Rider App is at your own risk. Equinovum is in no way responsible for any damages as a direct or indirect result of and / or in connection with the use and / or not (fully) function of this application and / or data used (sources) of others. This application facilitates include location data from Google Maps and Apple Maps. Equinovum is not liable for the completeness and / or (in) correctness of this information.

Which Mobile phones support Safe Rider

Safe Rider works on smart phones that work on Android and iPhone from type 3GS. Android requires version 2.4 or higher.